Housing & Dining

Institute participants are expected to be offered housing in the brand new Sojourner Truth Apartments , which are adjacent to the dining and entertainment area known as the Yard, and centrally located in the middle of the Rutgers campus. Each student will have their own apartment with air conditioning, wifi, and full kitchens, and the building has a gym, laundry, and commons with views of the Raritan River and (off in the distance) New York City. From these accommodations, it is a 10 to 15 minute walk or short free bus ride to Alexander Library, where the institute will take place. The accommodations are a quick five minute walk from the train stations; simply head west from the Trenton-bound platform.

The estimated cost of Rutgers lodging is $73 per night, totaling $949 over 13 nights. 

Institute participants may also elect to arrange their own accommodations using the stipend provided for them.

Students may sign up for an RU Express account on arrival; these accounts, once funded, can be used to purchase meals at Rutgers University dining halls. Students may also elect to purchase food in cash at on- and off-campus locations.