Explore Seabrook Farms

“Invisible Restraints: Life and Labor at Seabrook Farms” is an online exhibition curated by undergraduate and graduate students in the fall 2015 Rutgers University course, “Public Histories of Detention and Mass Incarceration,” which was cross listed between American Studies, Cultural Heritage and Preservation Studies, and History, and taught by Professor Andy Urban. Students developed content explaining the history, impact, and lived experience of Seabrook Farms; curated archival photographs into “visual essays” explicating a chosen theme; and analyzed oral history interviews conducted in the 1990s.

As part of their work on “Invisible Restraints,” Rutgers students also curated a panel on Seabrook Farms for the Humanities Action Lab’s national traveling exhibition, “States of Incarceration.” This national exhibition highlights diverse local histories of incarceration and punishment in order to foster public dialogue about this contested social issue. The Seabrook Farms panel will be at the Douglass Library at Rutgers University from January 22 to March 9, 2018.